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Friday, July 16, 2010

Special pens three-dimensional image

While the touchscreen device has now spread everywhere, but very few that allows a user to draw in two-dimensional surface. Another concept which has been present even allow a user to draw sketches of obtaining a three-dimensional shape of an interactive surface. Devices were developed by Lee and Hiroshi Ishii Jinha, MIT media lab.

System in the device using an input device that can be folded to manipulate the 3D image directly. Tool for 3D drawing in 2D surface is a small pen that can be turned into a digital pen to the screen when pressed, gives the illusion like being inside the space virtual.Dengan move the pen to the higher layer and gives a picture, then the user can create three-dimensional image. Assisted with the existing system in the pen, the user can also draw a cube, cylinder and three-dimensional object other.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

^ Modern engineer

Television, Telephone, Synthetic textile, Refrigeratorring air, and Electric light bulb is some of so much many modern developments we enjoy and We accept to what existence. Many one who will not realize that engineers in charge of those progresses. Engineer profession group continuously educe method, Ingredient, and System comprehensive so that thereby we are easily get freshment and Ease is not enjoyed in 1 and 2 generations that then.

Not easy to find a engineer definition that approved by all experts in the field of this. Enough, Time goods, If said that engineer is one who practise mathematics science and Batural sciences especially physics and Chemistry, As ingredients the result and Energy sources that provided by nature has been allocated for human. Beside mathematics science background, Physics, and Chemistry soerang engineer must has imbaginasik, Astuteness, and Reasonable evaluation if he is supposed can design building or Economical engine, Durable, Safe and Interesting.

There firm difference between science and Engineer. Scientist usually only interested in erudition development from some natural worlds aspects. Scientist wants to detect why a certain happen but Unnecessary interested to worthwhile applications from the invention. Ilmuan usually doesn't creat a product likes a unti power station trubin steam. Idea and Konsepsi those scientists their product. Scientist mengisolasi new chemical element, Canvassing atom, and Making field inventions like dietetika and Termodinamika. They look for to answer terdap question about space and or nuclear physics.

On the contrary, Engineers involved with scientific eruditions intelligents applications to finish technical problem. They want to know not only why and How a certain work but Also how a certain that made to work better and Economicaler. Engineer must tanggap cost, Because new projects can said practise if every rupiah that invested membuahkan satisfying result. Furthermore, Engineer responsibles absolute towards general welfare.

All these did not mean that found wall impermeable between science and Engineer. Actually, Engineer and Scientist even often cooperate in bew invention applications first stage.
General engineer area

In earlier paragraph, Showed to how engineer scope has been expanded so that permanent in line with science new inventions and Technology. Now, This profession is widely diversifieds to seven generals areas:
1. Aviation engineer;
2. Chemistry engineer;
3. Civil engineer;
4. Electricity engineer;
5. Engine engineer;
6. Mining engineer; And
7. Nuclear engineer.

These areas not apart and Differ, but Mutual equip and Melting in certain cases.
Aviation engineer
This engineer branch is especially relates to vehicle aviation special problems berawak and Unmanned winged aeroplane, Helicopter, Ballistic missile, Guided missile, and Space vehicle.

Aviation engineer deals with power lifts that underpin aeroplane in aviation, Fascination that prevent aviation, and Pushing power from activator centre that need to overcome fascination. They estimate bellows load, Undergone during when has aeroplane met vertical air-current. They also calculate load influence that evoked when land, In tool pendarat for aeroplane that land and In base lambung, or Pontoon, For sea aeroplane. Aviation with high-speed brings special problems, Among others, High-speed causeses fascination growing larger because air wave formation that move very fast. Air vehicle designeds in such a manner so that guarantee balance and Control in all condition flies.

Many complex problems berhungan with bodies structures that must solved. If aeroplane body or Wing brokens although few in aviation, Will happen drastic changes in aeroplane aerodynamics strength so that aviation becoming not may be. Engineer must design a strukstur that will creat good maximum strength also heavy minimun.

Test try to fly aeroplane must be planned and Carrieding out according to be careful and Circumspect. Engineer designs, Educe, Turning on test device tries. They leads test tries, Interpretinging the result, Making report, Implying plan change where necessary.
Chemistry engineer

Chemical enginer change chemistry laboratory inventions are commercial ingredients useful. They creat new ingredients and Finding new use for sometime later. They also develop new production process.

Chemistry engineer serves good also different chemistry process industrial. There difference mendasar between second this industrial group is chemistry industrial deals especially with chemistry ingredients maker like sour, Alkali, Blasting material salt, and Synthetic suite.
In chemical process industrial, the production end result not that estimated upon which chemistry. Raw material according to mendasar changed to pass modification process according to physics or Even also chemistry so that produce industrial ingredient likes paper, Glass, Paint, and Petrol beroktan tall. Engineers now creat preservative that can prevent to grow it mushrooms in woods. They have educed gas in bottle, Heat value 2 or 3 batural gas hot times and Can used for household and Industrial. Refinery produces petrol, Kerosene, Fuel, and Lubricating oil from petroleum. From what remained from this petroleum, Engineers regulate candle maker manner, Perfume, Petrolatum, and Stone charcoal (coke). They have developed detonator ingredients that certifiable like kordite, TNT, PETN, RDX, and Amatol.

Big contribution to industrial penepakan meat, Food preparation, and Canning has been made by chemical enginer. They have created fertilizer, Glue, and Cleaner flour from leavings meat package process ingredient. Imitation food-stuff maker, Liking margarine and Ingredient kinds penyedap, Swiftly bloom because dikembangkannya new process by chemical enginer. They have enlarged canning industrial product with prepare preservative ingredients to watch over original colour and Penyedap food. Chemical enginer creats plastic ingredients like bakelite, Cellulose, Acetate, Vinyl resin torch, Resin torch venol, and Pleksiglas with tealh contributes pemeprosesan cheap such ingredients.

Civil engineer
That civil engineer scope broader than another engineer profession branch. This engineer covers building construction, Road construction, and Bridge construction, Soil mechanical intricacy and Fondasi, Water power and Irrigation, Sanitation, and Transportation, Detail. All existing activity the connection especially with human environment. Because vast scope from this area, So civils engineers usually menspesialisasikan from in certain areas in these engineers big branches. To be expert in all aspect in this engineer branch is need time pengkajian several times humans ages.
Civil engineer designs various bridge, Building, Transmission tower, Storage warehouse, Dam, Stadium, Captor wall, Tunnel, Dockyard, Port, and Buildings other. First problem and Oftentimes hardest in such project is develops a plan that make possible diselesaikannya a building utilizablely to fulfill itself development purpose. For example, That engineer will build a highway bridge. For that, Insufficient if only measures long time or Valley. But, Necessary also design road aims bridge, Configurationing in such a manner so that well can accommodate supposed traffic will happen. If bridge resides in on time that bavigable, Engineers must plan distance that sail out enter to pass that bridge. Must also considerred factors other in that bridge maker for example, External style and Internal style that must burdened to that bridge and Then design bridge parts comparison, Delving materials, and Deciding with is bridge that built method.

Architectural engineer that supervise to stand it big buildings or Skyscraper physical plant must also can regulate and Manageding building work energy, Orderring building ingredients, Tools and Determining work execution method. Also, He must can translate spesifications. He must know prosedeur safe and Economical to establish tall building from iron, Putting coran concrete, Dig and Moving a large amount of soil, and Ramming building pole.

Civil engineer plans, Design, and Building water source of power network that is dam, Water duct or Water tunnel, Well, Water processing source, and Pipe. Those engineer, Also make sanitation system to accommodate, Precipate and Throwing away dirt that come from home or Factory.
Transportation area opens area broader for civil engineer. This area handles great road construction and Road nets. Railway, Ship, Duct, and Airfield.

Wanteding tall engineer science erudition to has determined place, design, and making highway so that can fulfil traffic volume increase need and Demand speed. Civil engineers canvass from beginning points and Vehicles location that will use those highway, Studying traffic terms possibility and calculating intersecting street possibilities by way of another. After this first level is finished, so they must make road bot even useful, but Also must fun appear. Last, but no the important, they must can give efficient maintenance manners after those road finished be built.

Has also in the field of air transportation. The task is prepare airport facilities memadai and Planing transportation between city airport with effort regions and Industrial regions.
Nuclear engineer

Buclear energy area needs nuclear engineer service. Nuclears engineers design and Building place buclear reactor the happening of atomic fission. Reactor must hold back towards terrible energy total that is radiated by buclear reaction and Hot ditimbulkannya. Buclear reactor must has also saviour tool terpasang to protect workers and General society from lethal atom radiation influence.

Electricity engineer

There 2 electricities engineers principal plane. First hits power station to get energy and Light for city need and Industrial. Second cover use amount of little energy for communication and Bemacam-macam another aim.

Electricity engineer designs device that wanted for power plant and Electricity transmission likes switch, Lightning preventive, Pemutus current, Broadcasting tool, Control tool, Current arrangement, Insulator, Bus bar, and Lightningrod. They must memecahakan problem penyediaan electric current more many and Cheaper. They build larger ones generator to change mechanical roll energy ware is electric power. They must channel current in further distance according to economicaler.

Illumination has haved come to area of vital importance in electricity engineer. Belonging in it planning and Illumination sources maker, Planning reflector tool, and Illumination installation network. Electricities engineers deal with houses illumination, Special trade centres to stroll and Highway, Decoration lamp at general places, and Exhibition physical plant.

Also play important role dibidang transportation. They are berkepentingan with system penyediaan electricity current to stroll subterranean, Also with system pensinyalan electricity. They also merandang car electricity system and Aeroplane.

Modern development in the field of telegraphic communication and That telephone is caused by electricity engineer services. One of [the] contribution very jut at area perteleponan long distance direct connection development diresmikan year 1951.

One of [the] area quickest;fastest blooms in electricity engineer is electronic area. Everyone knows about development likes radio, Television, and Radar. Electronic tools is used in device ukur correct, Computer, Guided missile navigation system. They have impersonated of vital importance once in automation. Also, This tools make possible buclear power reactor long distance control.
They also ever are used as a means of in new area progress that enthralls, That is astonomi radio. Radio astronomy, Based in radio telescope, A electronic tool that can get radio frequency wave that come from difficult place is achieved in our solar system and From region outside solar system. Also make possible astronomer has have made regions map in the sky erstwhile not terpetakan and Giving new insight in star evolution problem and Another sky things. Telescope radio with diameter more than 100 m made by good engineers with imaginary powers, Skill, Also technique erudition.

Engine engineer

This profession branch handles plan and Engine assorted maker from kind softest up to locomotive engine and Compartment of train. And so do industrial units profession like electricity powerful sources.

Engine engineer that specialize self in engine planning area develops and Building engine to fulfill certain needs. They must has erudition about various development that lampau, Cleverness to produce new combination from long engine access and Power creates to develop new access.
They must how does certain engine be used and Must can estimate cost possibility and Time depth that need for the maker. Engineers will will choose ingredient that used and Device that need for that engine maker and Then supervise construction with regulate test program tries that engine.
Important task for modern engine engineer educes regulator system perfecter. Among others will give freshment as in in building, House, Bus, Compartment of train, Car, and Aeroplane. Some anothers engines engineers again used for industrial importance has liked diberbagai building, Textile factory, and Printing place. Also responsible towards systems refrigerator in restaurant, Hotel, and Markets. They design and Building car and Truck refrigerators for easy transportation of goods brokens, In temperature that regulated.

They work with architect in design and Turning on heating system for building and Industrial installations. System that there must permanent can take care temperature in desirable in a state of bad air weather even if. Thereby, Designers must consider factors like keterpajanan towards wind, Hot missing because ventilation, and Maximum temperature difference and Minimum everyday. They must also calculate time depth a building be worn every the day. Fact that, Without question it again, We accept that heating, Being appreciation proof on successful engines engineers at this area.

Also belong service engines engineers. They design and Making car, Truck, Bus, Locomotive, Goods railway carriage, and Aeroplane. They also responsible for petrol motor the activator energy for car; Diesel motor motor for truck, Bus, Locomotive; and Turbine gas for tall speed jet motor. Also turn on engine engineer and Designing elevator and Escalator to tranportasi vertical in physical plant. And so do, They handle conveyor belt and Ingredient handling tool other at factories.
They design machines that run electricity at earth installation centre, Machines likes steam turbine, Hydraulic turbine, Internal burning motor, Gas turbine. Such machines completing or Steam kettle development and Generator efficienter can demote electricity cost. This increase alive standard because industrial can make use more much electric power to carry out job more increase.

Industrial management is important branch from engine engineer. One who specialize self in the field of this called industrial engineer. They analyze industrial method, Studying system upah-insetif, Employee welfare project, Leadership labourer connection. They make recommendation about installation and Ingredients purchasing.

Engine engineer perfomings heater vital in technology stages most progress. They have found practise illumination for ultrasonic high frequency wave. They have designed tool has worked and Patron tool to be used in buclear reactor and They are important once with bullet energy units return and Rocket.

Mining engineer, Metallurgy, And petroleum. Engineers berspesialisasi in third these areas long cooperate tightly. Mining engineer and Petroleum looks for and Digging mineral and Dealing with mineral source conservation. Metallurgy engineer deals with production metal from iron ore and The processing to made product for goods has worn.
Mining engineer and Petroleum looks for petroleum place location, Ember stone, and Mineral sedimets. To get information necessary, They use grafimeter, Magnometer, Geiger's counter, Sound wave, Camera with special design, and Another tools big nest. After sedimet diketemukan, They must decide to what that location will beneficial when worked on. They must consider cost for mining building, Materials handling, Possibility tersedianya generator energy, Then achieve market, and Penyediaan manpower.

Once decided that sedimet economically can sucked, So the engineer will choose mining method that worn. Well is drilled to get petroleum, Natural gas, and Matter like sulphur that can dug out in the form of liquid pass water spraying very hot.

Vertical mine hole or Sloping made to achieve endapat situated in. Engineer pertamabangan must determine size and That mine hole form. They must always mindful of period to come need because matters that are taked outside akam pass this hole. They must make carefully buffer system to prevent roof collapse because more ore quantity be carried out. That buffer can be in the form of mine ore pillar expressly laided there as buffer. Can also consist of log, Stone wedge, Made steel pole from steel jet, Steel gate, or Concrete.